1 Storm/Surface Water Control
Design & Construct
Public Works & All other Divisions - Funded $230,000 by USACE in 2017 to complete the study and planning phase - Funded $150,000 from 2018 NM State Legislature-Preliminary Design - Funded $1M-2019 Capital Outlay The planning phase to be completed in 2019. Preliminary Design of Critical areas to be completed in 2020-2022 Up to $5,000,000 to Construct (estimate; actual cost to be determined during planning phase)
2 Education Complex-Community/Community Wellness Center
Education $155,000 – Funded by 2015 TIF Grant application. Design 100% complete (shovel ready) Seek construction funding from multiple agencies. $2,178,975 for Construction Engineers Estimate by Buffalo Design Inc
3 Outdoor Rec-Facility
Education $112,000 – Funded by 2015 NM State Legislature-Capital Outlay Design 100% completed in 2016 (shovel ready) $810,059-Funded 2019 Capital Outlay -construction Seek construction funding from multiple agencies $2,840,236 for Construction. Engineers Estimate by Anchor Engineering
4 Hwy 68/PoPay Ave Intersection Improvements Design & Const Public Works Division Planning Department $45,000 – Funded - Safety Application FHWA for RSA. RSA completed in 2017. Tribal Council has approved the roundabout as the alternative Planning is completed. Project to be included with the NMDOT planning study on NM68 $182,000-Design
$1,300,000 Const
5 Teen Center
Design & Construct
Education Boys & Girls Club B&G Club has completed the planning phase with conceptual design completed by Buffalo Design Inc Planning has been completed by the B&G Club. Apply for Design Funding. $155,000 design $1,500,000 Const Estimate provided by Buffalo Design Inc
6 Phase III Waterline
Planning $2M funded by USDA for Construction $1,458,128 funded by 2019 TIF for completion Project was replaced on the 2019 ICIP to apply for TIF; TIF has been funded and project can be removed from the ICIP $3,458,128 COMPLETELY FUNDED
7 Head Start/Early HS
Education Head Start $125,000 grant application to TIF in 2016 and in 2017– Not Funded Head Start Program is seeking funding through the National Indian Head Start Program $125,000 for planning new facility
8 Wastewater Treatment Facility
Public Works Division Utilities $103,750 – Funded by 2014 Capital Outlay $150,000 – Funded by 2014 TIF Grant Application Planning Phase (PER & Environmental) 100% USDA Rural Development grant/loan program for design and construction submitted on 10-11-18 FOR $2M Phase I - $3,524,674 (includes design, engineering & Construction). Engineers Estimate donated by Wilson
9 Alternative Solar Energy
Public Works Division Planning Design donated by Brycon Inc. (shovel ready) Seek funding from Tribal DOE Set-Aside program $748,551 - construction
10 Heavy Equipment
Public Works Division
Planning Department
Request in ICIP for $450,000 for grader/front end loader and tractor Planning Dept to seek additional funding or donations. Appropriate for Capital Outlay Request $450,000(tractor with mower,grader)
11 Regional Detention Center
Public Safety Division New project (added to ICIP in 2016) – Planning - $125,000 Seek planning funding (needs analysis, etc to be performed first for regional need) To be determined once planning is complete
12 Multiple Acequia
Natural Resources Division BOR has funded most of this project Funding will be for the head gate and acequia madre. Recommend Capital Outlay Request (not TIF)
13 Health Center
Social Services Division New Project-added to ICIP in 2017 - Renovations Social Services to assist with project development & identifying funding $255,000- planning and Design
14 First Capital Heritage
Center & Museum
Education Preliminary and Museum Master Plan completed with $155k in funding from IMLS Tribal Council to determine location (alternatives are in the plan). Seek funding for design/construction once Council has selected alternative
15 Housing infrast Development PH-2
Plan, Design, Construct
Housing Applied for TIF Construction funding in 2014 for Phase I -Not Funded
Still need Phase II funding
Housing is not yet ready to apply for any funding ICDBG application is being submitted 8-2019
16 Veterans Service Office
Design & Renovate
Social Services Division Veterans Program Renovations - $255,000 Seek funding to design and renovate $10,000- design $245,000- renovate Rough estimates provided by Anchor Engineering