Welcome to the Ohkay Owingeh website. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. I would like to personally invite you to Ohkay Owingeh. Our feast day in on June 24th and I invite you to join us in celebrating this special day with us and come see our traditional dances and visit one of the homes to enjoy a wonderful meal which includes our traditional foods. If you are in the area visit the Ohkay Casino which is 24/7 live gaming and a beautiful hotel to stay while in the area. Please explore our site and learn more about Ohkay Owingeh’s history and culture.
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Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, named Pueblo de San Juan de los Caballeros by the Spaniards in the sixteenth century, is a Tewa-speaking village twenty-five miles north of Santa Fe, on the Rio Grande just north of the confluence with the Chama River. In the traditional history of Ohkay Owingeh (“Place of the Strong People”) the ancestors are said to have emerged from a lake in the north, hence a sipapu or place of emergence from the under world. The lake is often said to have been in southern Colorado, near the great sand dunes of the San Luis valley. The Tewa people after emergence traveled south making settlements on both sides of the Rio Grande, and at the site of Ohkay Owingeh they built two villages one on each side of the river, probably about 1200 A.D. Directly across from Ohkay Owingeh was Yungé Owingeh (“Mockingbird Place”) on the west side of the Rio Grande....


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Fishing Derby

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Ohkay Owingeh Honors 2018 Graduates

Ohkay Owingeh is very proud of all the 2018 high school graduates from all the local schools.

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Ohkay Owingeh Feast Day

Ohkay Owingeh welcomes you to our feast day on June 24th.

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