Personal Requests for grading, materials, driveway work

ELIGIBLE USES OF Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) FUNDS:

170.112 What activities ARE NOT eligible for TTP funding?

– TTP funds cannot be used for any of the following:
– Structures and erosion protection unrelated to transportation and roadways;
– General or Tribal planning not involving transportation;
– Landscaping and irrigation systems not involving transportation programs and projects;
– Work or activities that are not listed on an FHWA approved Transportation Improvement Plan


170.118 What terms apply to TTP housing site or area entry roads?

– TTP housing site or area entry road means a public road on the TTP system that provides access to a housing cluster.
– TTP housing street means a public road on the TTP System that is located within a housing cluster
– Housing cluster means three or more existing or proposed housing units.