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To provide mobility, sustainability, independence, and access to opportunities for future development, health, and advanced education for Tribal and Non-Tribal members within the community.

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The Road Crew is responsible for the repairing and maintaining of all Ohkay Owingeh Roads.

*Private Driveways/Yards are not on the approved BIA Inventory & therefore are not eligible to be repaired or maintained by the Planning Dept/Roads Crew. (This is solely the responsibility of the homeowner.)


Early Spring paving of White Swan & Eagle RoadsRead More

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The purpose of the LRTP is to clearly demonstrate the Pueblo’s transportation needs and to develop strategies to meet these needs. These strategies should address future land use, economic development, traffic demand, public safety, and health and social needs.

Ohkay Owingeh’s Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a compilation of two sections for providing transportation services for the Tribe. The first section is to identify, utilize and maintain existing roads and, where needed, to identify new road opportunities. The first section is titled “Tribal Transportation Improvement Plan” (TTIP). In this section maintaining all current Tribal roads in the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) Inventory is essential. Also, a brief outline of transportation projects is provided in the TTIP.

Ohkay Owingeh signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in February 2009. The Tribe has operated its Transportation program for ten (10) years and has done so in coordination with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Department of Transportation, for seven of those ten years. The purpose for this program is to develop Indian Reservation Road Systems (now titled “Tribal Transportation Program”) through the “FAST Act” and more specifically to develop road systems that serve the transportation needs of the reservation. A major goal is to provide access for use and development of Indian lands and comply with requirements of the Federal Lands Highway Program for construction of Tribal roads.

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Ohkay Owingeh, located in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, operates a transit system (the PoPay Messenger). The Tribe provides a Demand Response transit system to its membership consisting of 2940 enrolled Tribal Members and 11,500 non-Indian Community Members living within the confines of Ohkay Owingeh. The four counties served in the program covers 10,079 miles; the primary service area is 4000 square miles.

Existing Roadways

The following represents a breakdown of 81.2 miles of inventoried roads on the Ohkay Owingeh TTP system.

  • State, County, and Municipal Systems: 46.9 miles are Bituminous (paved), (58%).
  • BIA System: 2.7 miles of paved roadway (.3%), 24.5 miles of improved earth roads (30%) and 7.1 miles of unimproved earth roads (9%)
  • Federal Road System: US84/285 traverses north to south across the reservation along the westerly side of the Ohkay Owingeh reservation.

Short Range Transportation Plan

  • Intersection at Popay Avenue and SR74: This intersection received a Highway Safety Improvement Program funding from NMDOT; who is completing the planning and engineering/design for the project. The intersection requires realignment, re-grading, warning lights, shoulders widened, and a pedestrian access with crosswalk markings for the San Juan Elementary School.
  • NP 502, White Swan Road requires re-grading, warning lights & shoulders widened. Road improvements will occur in Spring 2019 as a TTP construction project. Bridge replacement was completed in 2015 with funding from HPBP and AID demonstration grant funding.
  • NP 512 Eagle Road will be reshaped, graded, base course applied and will be paved.

Roads and Transportation Staff

Jeff Quintana Road Maintenance Foreman
Jeff Aguino Road Maintenance
Tim Martinez Road Maintenance


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